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Journal on Vector Quantization

Posted by A.D Setiawan pada Maret 22, 2007

Finally, I succeeded writing and applying my work on international journal. My current work is radiology image compression using fuzzy vector quantization. I’ve tried to improve VQ codebook performance by using fuzzy c-means clustering (FCM) to cluster training vector in vector domain. The previous work applied k-means or generalized Loyd algorithm to do clustering. The computing load is very heavy when I start using FCM. Codebook generation took 16 hours of time for 100 iteration. Today, I am trying to increase the number of iteration to get a better convergence condition. Wow … I think it will take days to complete clustering. We will see the result …

If you want my paperworks on Fuzzy Vector Quantization, please deel free to mail me ( I will send them to you.


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